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Microsoft reviews the touch screen high-speed

 مايكروسوفت تستعرض شاشة لمسية فائقة السرعة

Microsoft today introduced touch screen working on a new development has very quickly in response to touch in 1 is only milliseconds of delay.

The company said that the touch screens currently available in the phones and tablet computers suffer from a delay of about 100 milliseconds, leading to a significant delay between the user's hand in contact with the screen and in response the same screen.

This technique is of great importance for the screens that can write them by using a special pen, such as a "Samsung Galaxy Knott" For example, as this will use this technique in such devices to the lack of delay and give the user the experience of writing closer to the experience of writing using paper and pencil.

The following video in which a review of the screen which is still under development

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