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Discovery may make the computer a thousand times faster

اكتشاف قد يجعل الحواسب أسرع ألف مرة
A team of researchers at the University of "Petersburg Pittsburgh" for their development of an electronic chip that can be used to speed up the frequencies of electronic devices to a range Agheighardz Altarahertz, and this is what may make the computers, phones and tablet computers a thousand times faster.

The team said he was able to generate a mixture of frequencies that require the division of a single color of light to a series of regular lines of the spectrum for different uses. Which extends to more than 100 terahertz (or 1 trillion cycles per second).
The Professor Hrvoje Petek, such a finding was expected since a long time. The professor and his team were able to generate all the different types of frequencies visible by exploring the optical properties of silicon crystal and the movements of atoms in a coherent assembly of the semiconductor crystal silicon with heavy beam of the laser.
We found that at the outset that the amount of reflected light oscillate at terahertz 15.6, the highest frequency of the mechanical silicon atoms. And after the oscillations caused additional changes in the absorption of reflected light which led to a doubling of the basic oscillation frequency to about seven times, and then the generation mix of frequencies extending to 100 terahertz.
According to the study, the team is now exploring the coherence of the fluctuation of electrons, which may be able to take advantage of the increased possibility of photochemical reactions from the terahertz to Betahertz is equal to 1 quadrillion hertz. The researchers did not mention the expected date of availability of such technology to be commercialized.

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