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Harvard Friends of Facebook have no influence on your interest or taste

بعد تعقب نشاط مئات الطلاب على مدى أربع سنوات
A group of researchers from the Harvard University track the activity of hundreds of students from universities on the Facebook social over four years, and came to an unexpected result that it is not necessarily affect the friends of Facebook to the interests of each other, although this does not mean it does not happen at all.
The researchers explained that Facebook users would prefer to establish friendly relations with others because they have in common, rather than adopting the same tastes and interests of current friends.
Although there are some reservations on the research they have done, and the accuracy of the methodology used in its implementation as well as the nature of the social networks themselves have changed, there is a difference between that is added to a trademark to the user page and the user presses a key admiration for one of the brands , which would call into question the validity of the results.
Their research and concluded that Facebook users prefer to establish a relationship of friendship with people with compatible interests and tastes, instead of changing interests and tastes to conform with the current concerns of their friends.
In addition, they reported in their research that some similar things such as housing, academic specialization and friends have a large impact on the relationship between friends and the possibility of survival as friends on Facebook for more than four years.
Also reached Harvard University to discuss a further consequence that social networks as a social interaction is a light in the identification of a new type of music or get recommendations for new books to read. But these things do not appear on the social networking seriously thinking of that as proponents of these networks. Despite this change, Valves Facebook does not seem in a hurry to turn into a social network that serious offers contacts and talks reliable and safe among friends or repeated meetings over the years make the user a fan of fans of a celebrity artists, musicians and others.

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