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Apple starts to give up Google Maps

آبل تبدأ بالتخلي عن خرائط غوغل
Showed images offered by the Apple iPhoto application for the new iPad, during an event detection device for Wednesday, Images Maps different from those used in a Mac version of the application

It is one of the application's features is that it is reviewing the captured images to a map showing the geographic location was the capture of each image, but it turned out that the Apple iPad version adopted in the OpenStreetMap maps and not on Google Maps Google Maps as in the desktop version.
This confirms earlier reports which said that Apple is seeking to launch service for maps and dispense altogether Google, which even today is still the main supplier of maps in the iPad and iPhone devices. The use of a sign that the OpenStreetMap mapping service developed by Apple is not ready yet.
For its part, said that the Apple Corporation OpenStreetMap maps used without coordination with them, so that the maps that appear in the application of old and go back to the year 2010, and urged the institution to coordinate with Apple.
This is an indication of the growing isolation between Google and Apple after that was a unique partnership between them in the period before the launch of Google's rival Android system iOS. Currently, there are dozens of outstanding issues in the courts between Apple the one hand, and a number of manufacturers of Android devices, including Motorola Mobility acquired by Google last year.

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