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Fujifilm X-pro1

When it comes to camera x-pro1 and announced during the Conference CES 2012, it is the beginning of a whole new camera system. Metal body makes it distinctive and there are many external controls and buttons allow you access to the best Matkdmh this camera
fujifilm x-pro1
great camera in all aspects and results do not differ from the expected results of a professional camera is expensive, fujifilm x-pro1 stunning images The quality and detail are excellent and highly saturated colors, but for the field of dynamic Vadaah is very good, but stopping short of excellence.


Lenses with respect to all of them with a wonderful building made ​​of metal and gaping holes, allowing isolation of the background is very beautiful

This camera produces images accurately 16 MB pixels, and with APS-C sensor with lenses subject to change and is compatible with 3 lenses, namely:
  • Lens 18 mm f/2.0 aperture
  •      Lens 35 mm f/1.4 aperture
  •      60 mm lens aperture f/2.4 macro

Here's this section to consider the mechanism of action


Look at the location of the camera read all the details related to it: here
Here are some images the camera lens, Tags for yourself the quality of images:






Honestly think seriously about the acquisition of such a camera for its amazing results as well as when shooting over to enjoy the use of

It also cons Vibrzha high price for this camera, the fujifilm x-pro1 just alone will cost $ 1700 and lenses will cost you $ 600 per lens, and Micro $ 650, a price close to the price of professional cameras ..

Yes I know that price is somewhat high, but as they say each serves as an article!

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