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Stand iPhone Silicon innovative ... but only in Korea

حامل ايفون مصنوع من السيليكون

How much I liked this carrier for silicone holds the beauty of the colors and viscous in texture, a new experiment raised by a Korean company specialized in the production of accessories for mobile devices. Can use these pieces of silicon base for laptops to raise the device from the surface, but you can install a phone Yvonne on the glass of your car without the need for a special holder.

Pregnant innovative dubbed "yourpebbles" and is produced by Korea called DesignMAX. And mention that you will not need to use any type of adhesives to install the iPhone (or any other phone) on this pregnant silicon. And industry has been "yourpebbles" of special materials is very resistant to heat and this is very useful when placed under the laptop, for example.

This product is limited to users Koreans, and not on others hope to see this product in the Middle East soon
قاعدة سليكونية تستخدم لرفع جهاز المحمول

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