OVMumPMekXQW8/uI7JcaqA== A L L 4 M O B I L E: Motorola Druid solve the Rubik's cube in 25 seconds

Motorola Druid solve the Rubik's cube in 25 seconds

What were not, of course, the current record in solving the cube, it can solve the cube within 20 seconds?. Making the robot by a company ARM, has been programmed to solve the cube salvation 25 seconds.

Cube has been programmed using the Motorola mobile droid, which is using a processor from a company ARM A8 registered at 550MHz, to show the strength of their own chips. Has been developed a special application is taking pictures of the cube corresponding to the camera and on the basis of visual information, send commands to the robot salvation Bluetooth. Of course, Android is the conductor! The result solution cube in record time!


But, no matter how advanced technology solution cubes using the computer, may not exceed the capacity of the mind and the speed of the fingers of the human hand. You this video for one of the heroes solve cubic Alrubik Arabs and is called beautiful, and a 15-year as Creative Commons can solve the cube in less than 13 seconds:



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