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Motorola Shadow back with more rumors

Remember Shadow Motorola phone, which was the subject of rumors before that he will be a Google Phone NEXIS 2 next? Today have the same phone to appear again with the rumors the other says that he will be called the Motorola Druid 2, and knows no model MB810, while saying rumors again of the chanting different, the first is a phone in the picture above, which we know in advance, and that comes with the keyboard real sliding and touch screen measuring 4.3 inches and contrast 854 × 480 pixels, and is expected to be known as Motorola Druid 2.

Also there is this other photo Shadow Motorola phone without a keyboard:

Include specifications of the phone is expected - whether one or two already - the camera quality 8 mega pixel camera with flash the LED and video recording HD, is likely to 720p, in addition to the processor TI OMAP 3630 at speeds of 720 MHz, in addition to operating system Alandroed 2.1 or perhaps expected to be the latest version of Android 2.2 Vrroyo with MOTOBLUR, with RAM 512 mega pixel camera.

Of all these specifications potential, there is one specification that has been confirmed, at least, and is for the phone to connect to Wi-Fi b / g / n officially.

Is the phone comes with the new NEXIS 2 keyboard fact or without it, Get your expectations.

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