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Nokia unveils new phone Nokia N8,

The company «Nokia» yesterday for the latest versions of its smart phones, the Nokia N8, which enables users to communicate visually and identify the places and services preferred.

12 megapixel camera and Xenon flash

Users can design the contents of the device and stay in touch with their social networks and enjoy the favorite TV programs on the Internet as well as applications shop «Ovi» mail.

And will be available the Nokia N8 in the Middle East during the third quarter of 2010, and will be the retail price of 370 euros. The device enables new users to video shooting high quality HD through a camera accurately 12 mega pixel camera «Carl Zeiss» and type flash Xenon Xenon addition to the sensor light that has a large scale allows them to capture as many of the light giving a quality comparable to those produced by most cameras compact digital.

Eetmz phone and the possibility of video editing application is captured by the built-in device, which doubles the capacity as a portable entertainment, particularly with something to offer surround sound technology «Dolby Digital Plus» If there is a network-based home theater.

The phone offers connectivity services with social networking for users of mobile devices and it provides easy access to sites «Facebook» and »Twitter» from the interface for the device as they can read messages and send comments and share photos, add to the possibility of transfer dates of events from Facebook directly to the calendar system .

The phone comes equipped with a service maps «Ovi» and navigation free of charge in all countries of the world, which helps users to access to places and important points in more than 70 countries around the world.

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