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Does it come Samsung S-Pad with Super AMOLED screen in August?

It seems that the world will not only smart mobile phones - which has expanded its market very recently - only, but it now included on the devices from Tablet examples Lalai Bad Apple's - which recently sold more than one million device in a very short period in the U.S. - and not Apple alone was interested apparatus tablets and but there is also Google and Nokia likely to see devices revelation to them too soon, in addition to Samsung, which has already produced some agencies tablets of examples Samsung Mondi Mondi - in the picture above - and produced by the company recently comes with operating system Windows Mobile 6.1 with the real full keyboard and Wi-Max Connection.

Confirmed a newspaper the work of Samsung's current time on the fabrication of the Tablet else comes with a screen measuring 7 inches from the kind of Super AMOLED - has become the first of its kind in this feature for devices tablet - and that runs on Alandroed, are also expected to come with a connection with the 3G and Wi- Fi, in addition to USB and applications to work with the Samsung.

Expected to be launched in the name of the Samsung S-Pad on the device's new Tablet PC that does not exist after information regarding the price, only waiting to be offered during the month of August in South Korea first by SK Telecom there.

Is spreading equipment tablet soon as spread smart mobile phones in the past few years, joined us your comments.

Source: [samsunghub]
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