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Xerox scanner put the new Xerox DocuMate 4790

تتمتع بقدرات فائقة وسرعات عالية
Launched the Xerox scanner is a new Xerox DocuMate 4790, which was specifically designed to meet the needs of the working groups, companies and institutions of all sizes as it is the scanner ideal for all areas of scanning, thanks to their superior design engineering innovation, which enables users to easily run and clear the large bundle of documents varied rapidly great.

This is characterized Scanner DocuMate 4790 high speed of up to 90 pages per minute capacity high operating up to 10 thousands of paper a day, this, as well as a unit for feeding automatic documents and capacity of 200 pages, and accept the survey sizes up to A3 (11 inches × 17 inches), can also be This scanner is dealing with all types and sizes and weights of the documents.

Comes this scanner with the reel swivel to achieve greater efficiency in operating the pulley to separate itself from the page each time you feed the paper, which reduces the possibility of drag-and-nutrition double, which may result from the accumulation of ink or carbon pulleys and through advanced technology allow light pressure on the documents to control the movement of the paper when it passed.

With regard to form the outside, the Scanner Xerox DocuMate 4790 features a unique design that allows users access to the paper path, where the user can remove the jammed paper or clean the unit or change the pulleys easily without having to resort to technical support, which contributes to reducing costs, and the scanner may comes equipped with a Pre-Imprinter to print serial numbers on the pages scanned by the driver through the TWAIN and ISIS.

Among other features enjoyed by Scanner Xerox DocuMate 4790 is a property improvement of quality of the images and increase productivity thanks to a system Kofax ® VRS ™ Professional AIPE-EBC, which allows automation of many of the tasks of work, including: changing the picture mode and automatic deletion of blank pages and the discovery of colors automatically, thereby helping to speed completion of work tasks in record times, as VRS Professional system helps to accomplish the most complex scanning operations. In addition, this scanner is also based on the Visioneer OneTouch technology to simplify the tasks of scanning.

The scanner has additional innovative features to increase the efficiency of work, including sensors capable of detecting a certain page and then pinned the scanner to stop scanning process automatically, and this, as well as innovative automatic cleaning function that removes dirt from the scanner glass to ensure high-quality images.

It is worth mentioning that the Scanner Xerox DocuMate 4790 features also LCD screen easy to read clear to the user's accuracy and color mode and file type, treatment and final destination of the documents scanned optical and therefore it is the scanner ideal for companies looking to increase their productivity and at the same time, rationalize costs and increase work efficiency


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