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Laboratories "Forty Guard" reveals a list of threats expected in 2012

تزايد عمليات القرصنة من أبرز التهديدات المتوقعة للعام المقبل

The company "Forte Forum" (FortiNet), a leading provider of network security and provide solutions to common management of the threat (UTM) in the world, today announced the list of "laboratories Forte Guard" (FortiGuard Labs) to threats expected for 2012, highlighting the most prominent of eight threats should be avoided in the next year.
Eight major security threats for 2012
1. Programs take ransom from mobile hostage
Spread programs ransom (ransomware) on computers for many years as a malicious software from the device taken "hostage" until you pay the "ransom" for his release. Laboratories revealed "Forty Guard" for the spread of malicious programs and social engineering tricks work across applications found on mobile phones to access key information in the device. This allows better control on the device to these malicious programs and make space for programs such as the ransom. In this sense, expects "forty laboratories Jared" the proliferation of ransom in the world of mobile phones for the first time in the next year.
2. Worm to infiltrate the system "Android"
Worm is a type of malware that infiltrate and spread rapidly from one device to another. Although not display this type of software to the operating system "Android" so far, but that "forty laboratories Gard" expects that to change in 2012. Unlike a worm, "Sapir" (Cabir) the target system, "Symbian" (Symbian), which was discovered in 2004, will not resort developers of malicious software to the system "Android" most likely to use the "Bluetooth" or technical compatibility and synchronization of computers to spread due to the small scale work, but our team believes that the threat will come either in the form of short text messages containing contaminated mail contains a link to the worms, viral, or in the form of links via contaminated as a social networking "Facebook" and "Twitter."
3. Can the technology be transformed multiple facets to break passwords?
Revealed laboratories "Forty Guard" that most malware target system "Android" operating on the use of encryption technologies and control of applications and detection simulations (emulator) and speed of deployment by groups of infected machines cooperating (botnets), but they did not resort to date technology of multiple facets (polymorphism). It is worth mentioning that this technology is a malicious program can change its shape or formula automatically, it is difficult to identify and remove. While already faced our team of technology in the presence of these mobile operating system "and Andwoz", it is only a matter of time before the violation of this malicious program devices operating system "Android."
4. Anti-money laundering based on the networks
Although the Internet enables criminals to many years of impunity accredited money transfer services anonymous and human networks and safe havens to pay, you expect the laboratories, "Gard Forte" hunt down more of these people during the next year. The recent arrest of Pavel Vroblski CEO of "Chrono Bay" (ChronoPay) to penetrate the website of the Russian airline "Aeroflot" and to prevent customers from buying tickets, the best proof of what is expected to be witnessed by our team next year.
5. Security relations between private actors and public
Registered laboratories "Forty Guard" in 2011 increased the implications of malware cooperative world, including the network, "Rostock" (Rustock) and the program to change the Domain Name System (DNS Changer), while the arrest of members of the groups, piracy famous private "Anonymous" (Anonymous ) and "Wells Sekeurete" (LulzSec). It is expected to continue the wave of online criminals are detected in the next year, with significant support from public defense initiatives developed by the Agency ", Defense Advanced Research Projects" (DARPA). It is worth mentioning that the agency had recently achieved a budget amounting to U.S. $ 188 million, and plans to allocate a part of the development of initiatives aimed at developing a working group to protect the Internet in the private sector. It is also likely to witness in 2012 to develop more such relationships.
6. System "SCADA" under the microscope
I have set up threats to supervisory control systems and data collection "SCADA" (SCADA) a source of concern for more than ten years, especially its relation to basic infrastructure such as networks of electricity and water that does not always work within a closed circle. It should be noted here that many of the devices operating by the "industrial system control interfaces" (HMI), which interact with these systems via electronic interfaces to access them may be porous and therefore access to their own operating systems. In this sense, I was able to certain groups such as "Anonymous" to find ways to exploit the weaknesses of the existing online through setting goals and decryption simply. Expects "Forty Guard" that is exploring and exploiting new vulnerabilities in the system "SCADA" in the next year, that can lead to serious consequences.
7. Violations of the immune
Often sheds a working group "Forty Gard" light on the principle of "crime as a service" (CaaS) to clarify how online criminals who provide Internet services harmful and illegal, such as violation of a large amount of computers and send e-mail spam (spam) and the adoption of attacks, denial of Service (DDoS). Expects "Forty Jared" the adoption of the principle of "crime as a service" in the next year in attacks aimed at a more strategic companies and individuals alike, but not to also cover government and corporate sponsorships.
8. Piracy for good reasons
While the establishment of "Anonymous" via the website 4Chan.org in 2003, did not start this group rebellious using its potential to infringe the large and prominent, such as "Sony" until last year, not even felt at the end of the year to use their capabilities for reasons of "good." The group has recently threatened to disclose the names of the members of the Union of the Mexican drug trade, but it also does not help government agencies to dismantle the network of prostitution of children. In this regard, it expects "Forty Guard" more good deeds to pirates in 2012 compared to the continuing spread of illegal attacks.

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