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Sony enter the world of the launch of a Tablet Sony Tablet S

يوفر تجربة ترفيهية غنية فيما يتعلق بالوسائط المتعددة
Sony announced, the brand specialized in the world of electronics, today announced the launch of the Tablet apparatus (Sony Tablet S), and in the company's eagerness to keep up with the tablet hardware market is witnessing rapid growth.
Provides a device (Sony Tablet S) Tablet PC entertainment experience rich with regard to multimedia, and through the screen high-definition measurement of 23.8 cm (9.4 inches), in addition to the processing of a strong performance (NVIDIA ® Tegra ™ 2) and enhanced technology, Sony by responding rapidly, which allows the review of content and applications faster.
The device features (Sony Tablet S) Pkamirtin front and rear to capture still images and video clips, in addition to the USB port (USB) built-in 2.0 and the port card (SD) to allow transfer of files directly from other devices such as PC, digital camera, camcorder.
The device weighs about 598 grams (version equipped with Wi-Fi connection), also features a design of the device is not unprecedented Bkhvth to provide more comfort with long hours of use. When you put the device on a flat surface, slightly inclined screen, which helps to promote the vision and makes printing more convenient and easier.
The device comes equipped with new technology (TruBlack ™) from Sony, which works to reduce reflection and radiation to provide high contrast and see it through the control of the reflection of light between the LCD screen and normal screen. And promote high-speed response of the device and the touch screen Tablet Almlessh and large buttons of the virtual keyboard from the comfort of users as well.
And allows the device (Sony Tablet S) Tablet PC for the user to control home entertainment devices and wirelessly share content with friends and family members. Can also review the personal photos, music and video content, one-touch on the icon of the Tablet PC to share on the TV over the property of compatibility (DLNA), as well as wireless microphones and other devices.
The device also includes infrared technology, and can be used as a remote control for a variety of home appliances including TV, CD Player, Blu-ray ™, and set a home theater system. Similarly as in line with the property (Media Remote) that allows users to control Sony devices over a Wi-Fi, including Bravia TVs.
The device (Sony Tablet S) Tablet PC equipped with a wide range of applications pre-loaded and ready, to enjoy video, music, games, e-books, and others as well. It also provides direct access to Google ™ application services for mobile devices, including three-dimensional maps, ease of searching on the Internet search engine Google Voice.
The property (Select App) integrated direct users to choose the applications, and content services and the appropriate network for your Sony Tablet PC, which can be downloaded via the Android market. And other recreational features available on the device from Sony, the reader updates Social (Social Feed Reader), and the operators of music and video.
And is accompanied by a set of device accessories include adapter of the current, and the condom to the LCD screen, and a variety of carrying cases and USB connectivity (USB) keyboard works via Bluetooth.
Can be found on Sony's new Tablet PC through a selection of Sony's sales outlets across the UAE, and that starting from the date of December 20, 2011. And will be available device (Sony Tablet S) in the most electronic stores starting from January 2012.

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