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Nokia offers a presentation on how to use the near field communication NFC

تقدّم مجموعة من الأكسسوارات التي تعمل بتقنية اتصالات المجال القريب 
Nokia announced the launch of the first campaign in the UAE means educating people about the benefits of using the near field communication technology NFC in smart phones. Nokia has conducted more than 90 different consumer experience of the near field communications and a lot of operations at all of this technology in the world, and now Nokia is working to highlight its presence clearly in the near field communications technology in the UAE.

The near field communications technology that allows users to exchange information at the touch of a device, it also provides an easy and to get new applications and interact with them. During the campaign, will be able to all holders of the Nokia N9 smart to take advantage of the benefits of this technology touches their phone simply by making posters that use near field communications technology in the Cinema VOX in the Mall of the Emirates from Thursday to Saturday. The awards include all users of phone cards N9 free cinema, drinks and popcorn, as well as the option to download the latest films from cinema schedules VOX until the end of the year.

Said Adam Birchall, head of corporate development for the communications technology field near, Nokia Middle East and Africa: "focused communications strategy area near the Nokia on the provision of services leader and experience-based communications technology field near and develop them, and on the development of telecommunications services area near that improve the customer experience. The initiative "Nokia N9 film in the near field communication NFC" as the first activity of a series of experiments the near field communications, which we intend to put them in the region. We are fully committed to making this technology progressing through the world of open innovation among developers and providers of programs and services. "

Since the launch of the Nokia 5140, the first device near field communications technology for commercial use in 2004, the company launched a lot of devices operating near field communications technology. With the latest release for the first three devices Belle (Nokia 700, Nokia 701, Nokia 603), the broader group of Nokia devices near field communications technology in the market. This technique is very important so that all the Belle smart phones from Nokia be annexed.

Nokia also offers a wide range of accessories that work near field communications technology that can be linked with mobile working technology itself simply by making the devices Itlamsan. These Aloxswart Nokia Luna Headset Bluetooth and Headset Essence Bluetooth and stereo audio, and Nokia Play 360 ° (wireless microphone), and Headset Nokia BH-505.

Through the near field communication technology companies in the region can develop a marketing campaigns to suit the technical requirements and help to increase the demand of customers, particularly through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, which is the means inexpensive compared to traditional methods.

Nokia's focus on the "near field communication open" in the region. The technology allows for the sharing of content consumers use their devices and services, such as running applications directly at the sites, and contacts, and download receipts just by touching the phone, who works near field communications technology marks which include the same technology and smart posters. This approach will form the basis for consumer education on this technology. Nokia is also working to establish a secure projects with telecommunications companies, banks and partners, such as payment solutions near field communications technology, starting from the first half of the year 2012.

He concluded, Birchall said: "With the application of payment solutions is important in the near field communication technology, but it is not the only meaning. We hold, Nokia hopes to focus on the activities of the near field communication open to educate the consumer about the importance of this technique in daily life and changing the way used his telephone. The Nokia applications and instructions for pre-loading for the near field communications to the people begin to use more quickly. Furthermore, we call a full range of accessories that are in line with these phones, and we are working with partners to highlight the fun and beneficial to read the tags and smart labels. We do our best to create this first offer and we look forward to others to benefit from this development. "

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