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Samsung put the category of notebook PCs 7 CHRONOS

 هيكل مدمج من الألمنيوم فائق النحافة

Today announced that Samsung Electronics, a global leader in the digital media and digital convergence technologies, announced the launch of category 7 CHRONOS, the latest high-end notebook its computers in the United Arab Emirates. The category of notebook PCs 7 CHRONOS Samsung's exceptional performance simulates the performance of your PC at the same time, maintain the design has very easily during pregnancy.
Computers have a class 7 CHRONOS carrying high-end full specifications of the Samsung built the structure of ultra-thin aluminum. It has the latest versions of processor Intel Core i7 Quad Core, and technical ExpressCache ™ *, and DDR memory with a capacity of 6 GB, and FastStart feature from Samsung. These advanced features provide a higher speed for startup, along with increased strength the overall performance, while the Quick Boot feature ensures the readiness of a class 7 CHRONOS notebook computers to work within 19 seconds since the start of operation.
On this occasion, said Raj Varma, Director General of the sales group of Information Technology at Samsung Gulf Electronics: "In the light of expectations that the sector is witnessing a notebook significant growth in the Gulf region during the next few years, Samsung is keen to be in the leading position of this sector through provide customers with the latest high-end products. The class is the embodiment 7 CHRONOS stunning full-featured notebook, which offers users a global design for easy high in pregnancy and the experience of the most powerful performance in computing to enable them to do more tasks on the go. "
In the past, consumers were forced to compromise on the big screen or small elegant design, but with a class 7 CHRONOS notebook computers that have the technology MAX screen (maximum measurement of the screen), no longer need to compromise on that. This category of users to ensure a great viewing experience through an inch additional display screen without sacrificing ease of movement and pregnancy, has been designed 15.6-inch screen size within the structure of an elegant normally comes with a screen measuring 15 inches.
Through the processor Intel Core i7 Quad Core, offers a class notebook PCs 7 CHRONOS unmatched performance from the moment of operation, through technology ExpressCache ™ *, which speeds up boot time and operation. Also offers FastStart feature Samsung's top speed to start operating during the two seconds, while the Quick Boot feature ensures the readiness of the category of notebook computer to work within 19 seconds.
The enhanced performance of a class of 7 CHRONOS within the period extended battery for this notebook. In addition to the capacity of the battery to work for up to 9 hours before recharging (according to the results of tests MobileMark), maintains Battery Life Plus technology from Samsung on 80% of original capacity of the battery over a period of up to 1,500 recharge. Which ensures the continuation of a battery for a period could amount to five times more than other notebook batteries.
Class 7 CHRONOS has eye-catching design to comply with the stunning performance. It also gives a strong structure, made of polished aluminum on the category 7 CHRONOS external appearance unique and modern. The category 7 CHRONOS Btarazen slim and compact, one measuring 14 inches and weighing only 2.17 kg, and the other measuring 15 inches and weighing 2.31 kg, and both models have a thickness not exceeding 23.9 mm only.
In addition to the attractive appearance, the design also features a high level of intelligence, where he works on a sensor automatically reduce or increase the backlight of the keyboard according to the level of lighting in the place.

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