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Gecko intervention Kobe tablet computers to the UAE

مزايا رائعة تحتويها الأجهزة التي تعمل بأندرويد

The "Gecko" (GECO) a company specialized in the field of consumer electronics and household in the region - the launch of computers "Kobe" (COBY) tablets in the United Arab Emirates.
Is characterized by computer Tablet PC's innovative model, "Kobe Kairos" (COBY KYROS) the benefits of amazing, such as the operating system "Android", and the connection speed wireless Internet, and high capacity to share video files, and his memory of Interior of 4 GB and expandable up to 32 GB, as well as the possibility of access a lot of applications. The prices range from computers out of 499, 1299 UAE dirhams, which are available widely in various electronics stores, markets and hypermarkets and other retail outlets in the state.
The Enlightenment Hassanein, director of sales and marketing in the "Gecko": "advantage of computers the new line being the offer and Luga quickly to the Internet thanks to the advantages enjoyed by the speed dial to wireless networks, not to mention it involves a lot of applications that can run both of them by the icon it, and that includes a browser for the Internet, a calculator, and calendar, and Oluja to e-mail, and a special exhibition audio and video files, and a program to run various video files on the Internet, as well as alarm clock, and many others. "
For his part, said Sarbanch Hakim, CEO of "Gecko": "succeeded 'Gecko' over the decades in the last 6 assume a privileged position as one of the most important brands in the sector of electronics and home appliances. We are pleased today to ask the latest line of tablet PCs in the market to offer an option innovative, elegant and rich benefits leading, not to mention its low cost; as 'Kobe' is the perfect solution for all customers looking for a laptop is consistent with the pattern of life the modern and meets the different needs, whether browsing Internet, or reading e-books, or watch video clips on the network, or even download thousands of games and applications. "
The "Kobe", which is based in New York City, was founded in 1991 by Dong-Young Lee, who was seeking to provide more value, innovation and quality in the consumer electronics sector to cover all customer needs regardless of the level of income. Lee Dong has set this goal in mind in the middle of the eighties when he was building his company's independent worth more than $ 100 million in New York City.
The "Gecko", they are engaged in operations in the UAE through a comprehensive network includes two super-equipped with the latest progress and techniques in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, as well as modern warehouses and large fleet of cars. The products are distributed "Gecko" in the special exhibitions are spread in various strategic locations throughout the state.
Include computers, "Kobe Kiros" a lot of themes that help users to choose the appearance that they find consistent with their requirements and preferences, in addition to containing two applications unique, are the "Deco E - Book" (Aldiko E-Book), which allows to download and read thousands of e-books , and "father taken away" (AppsLib) which allows to browse and download applications; as it allows "Deco E - Book" download books new and old with the provision of immersive search and the page break, which expensive ways for clients to amend the font, size and area of ​​the texts in the book. The application of the "August Sleep", it empowers users to download free applications and paid in order to enjoy their toys Favorites, or follow the weather, or listen to the radio, in addition to many other activities; which includes the list of applications available games, and multimedia files, and sports, and Affairs Social Affairs, and production, health and money.

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