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Tips for do not fall into the trap of the wrong choice when buying mobile

I was previously not turned to mobiles, but the phones Nokia only, even gathered more than 10 devices without regard to my need for this amount of hardware, just love to own property of any new device, Vtommelt If 90% of these devices that I own close in features, shape, too ... I decided not to buy any mobile without question friends the advantages and features, and more importantly, "What's new?"

The brains of my friends does not have is new too:) because they follow the "fashion" in their own words, then you search sites specialized in the news Mobile Internet, I found a list containing the types of all devices and features, classification is by type of company or type of operating system or a device and other things I did not understand until after the check and comparison between the devices.

Reviews Review:
There are many sites mobiles on the Internet interested in the evaluation of mobile, and demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages, the various sections of news, discussion forums, but I do not care only in the Review Section Mobile "Review", is first view the type of operating system and the characteristics of mobile and characteristics of the camera and delivery methods , and the exterior in general, and the second part is to review the features of the operating system and processor speed and screen size and display resolution and the contents Mobile from the main menu and secondary schools and, finally, evaluation specialists and users of mobile and display the photo album from the different perspectives of the machine.

Open the box Unboxing:
I very much enjoy when I see based on the site is based process "Unboxing" It means a video camera to open the mobile talk of the trunk and display the outer part of the device and the number of buttons and functions, add entries to wire the receiver and the shipper and the type of wire transfer of information and show the size and type of battery, also the direct operating of the device and display device applications and compare its speed with other models.

It is important in view "Unboxing" is no overstatement to explain the advantages of mobile and waste of Hamas, the viewer may be prolonging the "Thriller" at the other, but I do not have the patience to wait, I remember once I finished watching to view the "HTC HD2 Unboxing", this phone
waited for him, you immediately to the market for the acquisition of Mobile was the happiest moments of my life; because I became more familiar with the device before they buy.

Finally, I would advise not to rush in View "Unboxing" before knowing whether the device features your choice will meet your needs .. not every fund has a beautiful Mobile beautiful and useful to you.

What do you think? Is there a

Any other tips you recommend?

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