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Study confirms that mobile phones have a negative impact on our emotional


That remains to say is known that technology is a double edged sword, was present in our minds when we heard about the negative effects of technology can cause in our lives, as it much as we can take advantage of technology to their areas varied, but we said we were not fully aware of what needs to be done and any
time can we do, this may lead to the loss of the most important things in our lives such as love.

A recent study on gender relations and sexual life, romantic relationships between couples, that there is up to 28% of women believe that their relationship with her husband has deteriorated largely due to his desire to (stay connected) for 24 hours through all available devices, from Examples of BlackBerry and mobile phones smart and iphone and so on, where it remained staring at the body which never leaves him the moment he woke up the Alarm tags and until that moment that closes the eyes and is still holding the phone, without any regard for those which is waiting all day to enjoy some of the good moments with him after the concerns of life wearisome.

In fact, balance is required with a very rhythm of life is fast in which we live and the technology that brief us from all directions and at all times, it is necessary that you do not want to wake up one day to find your life completely devoid of anything to do with human beings and feel, and only those devices that no matter how developed it remains lacking a sense of real human that we are in desperate need to carve out a little bit of our time to remember and care about him more than that.

Have you tried the one day that you close your mobile phone and away from the laptop and everything related to technology, and if for one hour a day, without the (remaining connected)?

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