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Put a trial version of Samsung Bada SDK developers each


Samsung launched the recent trial version of the platform to run mobile phones open source their own, and known as the Bada SDK, which includes the development environment ROM or what are known as IDE, with Alsemelatur Simulator, and the possibility of work and the user interface using the UI Builder, in addition to the models of applications and the tutorials and full documentation.

The first phones, which can use applications that are developed through the Bada SDK is a phone Samsnoj known as the New Wave and Samsung are expected to be put on the market by the end of this month, also supports the work environment brought about by the new user of the SDK program your flash with Adobe, the latest version of the TouchWiz, motion sensors Motion Sensors, the possibility of face recognition and shake your mobile phone.

Include platform Samsung Bada also the advantage of focusing on the many services, such as the possibility of connectivity and communication with social networking sites and content management, as well as an open source platform which accepted the amendments so that they can develop applications that use the phone functions make calls and send text messages as well to enter the address list and various content services in the vicinity of privacy and high the great flexibility that characterize this podium a lot about others.

You can get more information through the official site for developers Albada here.


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