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Instant text translation with Google Goggles

After Google announced earlier this year, for it will provide translation service for texts with instant application Goggles private telephone Alandroed, come the day to fulfill its promise already and launched the application Google Goggles 1.1 phones Alandroed, which adds a translation feature immediate, accurate, and after
that you shoot the word you want translated through a camera phone to your Alandroed to be translated and search through the Goggles to find meaning in their own.

Want to Google through its new service that overcome all the complexities of computers and translation software, which is filled with a lot of words that do not add real meaning to be, where the company says that this new service to translate the texts instant are closest to the right and after utilization of the translation service available Already since 2008 through Google, which includes 52 languages, in addition to service Goggles, which you search for images and shapes instead of words.

So far, This service is available to read a limited number of languages which include English, Spanish, French, Italian and German only, while the possibility of translating these languages to a larger number of other languages, and Google is working to expand the list of languages that can be read to include the Latin-based languages and non-Latin as well such as Arabic, Chinese, Hindi.

You can get your application Balandroed immediately and take advantage of the new service, and that by going to the market Alandroed and search for Google Goggles, but do not forget that the release of Alandroed you have is Android 1.6 or later.

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