OVMumPMekXQW8/uI7JcaqA== A L L 4 M O B I L E: Chinese imitate everything ... even Bad IP

Chinese imitate everything ... even Bad IP

What they did not do China? Having seen it by making a replica of Nokia N8 iPhone 4G and also a replica. Now we see made Aye Bad pirated discs. It is said that he is running Android 2.1. Of the specifications of IP Bad Impersonator other processor ARM Cortex-A8 at speeds of 1 GHz. RAM and 512 MB RAM and a battery 2400 mAh. Hour. And screen 10-inch 1024 × 600 pixel.

I could swear that a replica of the ip address of where the original Bad scene. But who knows, how is performance? :)

Source [phandroid]

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