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dell xps 13

 Dell Studio XPS 13 (1340) Laptop
Company today launched "Dell" Dell computer Oltrabuk "xps13" light-screen measuring 13 inches and weighing less than 1.4 kg.
And is detected Kmpiotroltrabuk "
dell xps13" for the first time during the Consumer Electronics Show in the United States "CES", has the latest device then attention, especially with the advantages provided by Kalptaria with long life, and technical Quick Start "Intel Rapid Start" and communication technology smart " Smart Connect Technology "from Intel.
 And weighs the new computer less than 1.4 kg, making it suitable for mobile use, especially with the design which makes it smaller in terms of dimensions of all computers that provide a screen measuring 13 inches, but the dimensions barely exceed the dimensions of the computers with a screen measuring 11 inches, and is based in determination to a special type of glass is characterized by resilient, in addition to the base of the carbon fibers are characterized Bmlmesha, and keyboard standard dimensions to achieve full comfort in use.Dell Studio XPS 13 (1340) Laptop
And a computer is "xps13" the first devices that provide Intel to connect smart "Intel ® Smart Connect", and that you upgrade your digital content on an ongoing basis, and on other computer on a USB flash drive with a status of static "SSD" and technical Quick Start Intel's "Intel Rapid Start "which works to boot your computer within a few seconds, which reduces the time needed to wait and to preserve the battery life.
And available computer in the Persian Gulf region as of April 1, at a price of AED 4899, for the issuance of which depends on the Core i5 processor with disk storage of SSD with a capacity of 128 GB and 4 GB of memory.
Dell Studio XPS 13 (1340) Laptop
Technical Specifications:dell xps13
• thin (6-12 mm) with light weight starts with 1.36 kg• Screen Size 13.3-inch HD WLED technology is working and the rate of illumination of 300 nit, and a display resolution of (1366 × 768 (720p, while manufactured entirely dependent on the type of glass Corning Gorilla Glass. 
dell xps
 • the structure of the aluminum base with carbon fiber• A CD storage case with a static SSD with a capacity of 128 or 256 GB Intel technology provider to take off fast (Intel Rapid Start Technology)• Intel Core i5 2467M or Core i7 2637M• graphics card and the type of video Intel HD 3000• Memory capacity of 4 GB of DDR3 SDRAM type and frequency of 1333 MHz• keyboard with the full dimensions of the standard backlit• plate glass compact notation keys to support multi-touch technology• 6-cell battery can 47 watts Courier can run the computer for 8 hours and 53 minutes, with the power adapter.• Intel Centrino technology provider to connect to (6230 802.11 A / G / N) and Bluetooth version IIIdell xps13
• connect the ports of USB 3.0 Type 1 and the number of USB 2.0 with PowerShare number 1 and mini DisplayPort and headset jack number 1• webcam integrated 1.3 megapixels (supports H.264 technology via Skype)• High Definition Audio technology Waves MaxxAudio 4• A copy of the original system Microsoft Windows 7• capacity of 100 GB of storage through the clouds through the Service Dell DataSafe• free subscription for a full year to serve the distinctive Skype Skype Premium
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