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IPad 3 will appear soon

According to sources, a manufacturer of Apple iPad devices will begin to manufacture the iPad 3 with the beginning of next year as reported by sources that one spare iPad providers for AppleiPad said that the three markets will present month of March or April of next year.

Expectations that the device will work A6 quad-core processor with a display resolution 2048 × 1536. Of course, will not stop the production of iPad 2 and will continue, but the plan from Apple is to provide from 9.5 to 9.8 million units of hardware iPad 3 to the first quarter of next year, shortly after the issuance of the board mail "Tranzformr Prime" from Asus Allve is a close similarity of the specifications of the iPad 3 and is expected to sell, Dec. 19, giving it some time before Applebegins to launch new attack head start

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