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Various problems plaguing your iPad2

 برغم ميزاته المتعددة وتزايد الطلب عليه1
Apple recently launched Tablet apparatus which caused a sensation iPad 2, which is the thinnest version and the thinnest and fastest when compared to Release First with a number of other new features. Despite the advantages, some users began to complain of a number of problems that vary the degree of severity.

One of these problems is the application of freeze Facetime. Wherein said one user on the support forum on Apple's, that when he opens the application of Facetime for the first time the camera is working fine, but now whenever he has open, you are viewing a static image since it was used application for the first time, the only solution to this problem is to restart the machine .

This may not be a bug exists in the device iPad 2, except that some users have complained of the same problem on my iPhone 4 IP, which may indicate the presence of malicious software or gaps in the Apple operating system 4.3.
Moreover, there are a number of users have complained of a problem with the backlight or the so-called backlight bleeding, where users complained about the presence of some patches of varying light leaked from the edges, which noted significantly when the screen is black.
Some also reported the presence of yellow color on the screen, but that may be due to the glue and it only needed some time to dry, as was the case with the iPhone 4 at launch.

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