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Review Samsung UE40C8000

Samsung UE40C8000

The UE-40C8000 is Samsung's flagship 40in LCD TV, the C9000 series only being available in 46in and above. Whereas the C9000 is more of a technical exercise designed to appeal to those who want the best at all costs, the C8000 is priced more realistically. The 40C8000 will attract those consumers who want cutting edge technology but who are also looking at value for money.
Samsung's impressively 'slim' UE40C7000 was actually just a taste of things to come. We knew we were in for something a little bit special with the C8000, which was being described before launch as 'ultra slim'. Samsung have managed to shave a few millimeters of the C7000 to create at 24mm, their slimmest ever flat screen TV.
Along with a silver metal finish and distinctive broad, four pronged stand, Samsung have managed to produce a TV that comes as close to meeting the requirements of that old cliché "selling on its looks alone" as any flat screen we have come across to date.
Add Samsung's usually high standard of fit and finish and to the mix and you have what is in our opinion, the most desirable TV around.
With the arrival of Samsung's C9000, C8000 and C7000 range of LCD TVs, 3D is now a reality in UK homes. Not only do you get a true 3D experience based on 'active shutter' technology, Samsung also offer a kind of pseudo 2D to 3D experience on the fly. Hit the 3D button on the remote while you are watching normal TV and you get Samsung's take on 2D-3D conversion
To enable the screen to respond fast enough to the active shutter 3D system, Samsung has developed faster crystal address technology along with blank frame technology to effect a smoother screen and glasses sync.
It is worth remembering that 3D technology has moved on from the red and blue cardboard glasses you may have had some experience with at the cinema (or Channel 4's recent 3D week). This is an all new experience bringing a new advanced form of 3D into the living room.
Special 'active shutter' glasses are a prerequisite for 3D viewing and unfortunately Samsung are not bundling in any with the C8000. Although we were told that the 3D specs would retail for £100, we are starting to see them through various outlets for much less. Samsung has indicated that only its glasses will work with its TVs.
At the moment there is a concern over the amount of 3D material available. There is a dedicated 3D TV channel on the way from Sky later this year (3D premiership football is already available via selected pubs across the UK), but at the moment there is just the one 3D Blu-ray title available - Monsters v Aliens.
There is already a preview of Sky's 3D channel available to subscribers. To enjoy 3D Blu-ray, you will need a purpose built 3D Blu-ray player; Samsung have just launched the UKs first, the BD-C6900.
If you would like to find out more about 3D TV you might like to read our 3D TV, Cinema & Gaming Guide.
A slimmer profile is the most obvious difference between the C8000 and its C7000 younger sibling; and most of us will admit to coveting the gorgeous backlit brushed metal remote that comes with the TV. There are also other more subtle differences that have been designed to have a big impact on the way this TV performs.

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