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phone advertiser Goodyz attracts 80,000 with free content


South African mobile advertiser Goodyz is based around a solid concept – with a little difference. It’s an opt-in advertiser that offers free content to it’s subscribers in return for viewing ads.

How does it work?

Goodyz is based around a smartphone app – at the moment, it only works on Symbian and Blackberry devices, and only in South Africa. Users have to actually download and install an app for it to work, so it’s about as “opt-in” as you can get. Once you’ve got the app installed, it will be able to detect outgoing and incoming calls and messages. The company that created the app is called Huge Media, and it knows you’ll be looking at your phone screen at this time, to check who the call or text is from – and it displays an ad on-screen for the duration. The ad is interactive, allowing click-to-call, click-to-site, interactive polls and other rich media options.
In return for viewing the ad, every third intercept provides a free piece of content instead of an ad – like wallpapers, ringtones, games and music tracks.
What’s the news?

Huge Media is reporting that since it’s 2010 launch, the service has gotten 80,000 downloads – over 40,000 of which are based in South Africa.
Huge Media marketing manager Justin Lavers says “we are certainly satisfied with our performance in year one. The numbers are good, and more importantly, the qualitative aspects are excellent – in other words, the feedback from our users has been overwhelmingly positive towards the Goodyz product, and the experience it delivers”.
What we think?

80,000 may not sound great compared to Western market expectations – in fact, it doesn’t even compare well to the numbers being racked up by other advertisers working in the area like InMobi. But this is a smartphone only advertising application in a predominantly low-end phone market. Huge Media, at least, is counting the 80,000 as a great success, and is looking forward to a more prosperous 2011.

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