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New Review Samsung Q330 Suri Subnotebook


We always appreciate seeing 13.3 inch notebooks in for our tests. The handy devices with a weight of slightly more or less than two kilograms are commonly seen as a compromise of backpack suitability and performance. Samsung's QX series (unlike Q series!) started off in December with the QX310-S02DE. With a completely different case and a Core i5-460M, the QX is designed for performance and with elegant looks. The price of 999 euros is accordingly exorbitant.
The less expensive Q series, with slightly inferior performance, can be seen as the QX's smaller mainstream brother. High-end plastic instead of aluminum, a Core i3 instead of i5, a less solid case and a standard touchpad. In return, prices start at 735 euros ("silver"). Find out in this review, if the subnotebook qualities are still up to date.

The matt, yet silver shimmering surfaces (interior) make a workplace apt impression. The 13.3 incher has been given a fingerprint-free zone. The lid looks like the usual high-gloss finish from a distance and on most pictures. It is however a brushed finish with aluminum looks. The thin horizontal stripes are on the top and provide good grip. We consider the fact that the surface isn't as susceptible for scratches and fingerprints more important. Logical: If lengthwise scratches are standardly included, a few additional scratches won't be noticed either.
The 13.3 incher, plus the 247 gram adapter adds up to a weight of 2019 grams. It is almost 500 grams heavier than Dell's Vostro V130, which is completely made of aluminum. However, its two kilograms are still acceptable in view of the strong 5900 mAh battery. Even if the similarity in name with the QX310 may indicate it, both barebones are completely different. Port positioning, design, surface and the battery's incorporation (QX310) vary clearly.
The hinges hold the lid securely and don't tend to teeter. The maximum opening angle of about 135 degrees is sufficient for working on the lap. The lid coils a bit at the maximum opening angle and we notice that it sits a bit spongy on the base unit.
We can bend the base unit to an extent with two hands holding the sides. The plastic base plate doesn't start to creak though. The lower surfaces dent over the optical drive and the maintenance cover (center) when pressure is applied. The 2.5 inch hard disk and the DDR3 RAM module (two bays, 2x2GB) are found underneath the cover.
The wrist-rest and touchpad prove to be solid. Even stronger force can't provoke any yielding at all. The hands rest without slipping on the surface and don't produce any fingerprints.

Front: Cardreader (center)

Front: Cardreader (center)

Left: AC, VGA, Ethernet, HDMI, one USB 2.0, microphone, headphone

Rear: No interfaces
Rear: No interfaces

Right: Optical drive, 2 USB 2.0s, Kensington

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