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Dolphin HD: new browser for Android with many features

There are many browsers on different types and features, but remains in the end of a specified number only proven its effectiveness and efficiency for everyone will get their copy of it to enjoy the experience surfing the Internet easily and streamlined, from the examples of Opera Mini, and Sky Fire and Vinik and others.

Today joined the list a new browser designed for mobile Alandroed, and known as Dolphin HD, where there is now a copy before the subtractions from your browser Balandroed, which include many of the features of the examples of the multiplicity of the tabs and full support for the touch of multiple capability to download YouTube videos through the browser, and many other good features.

This requires a browser that system to be Alandroed is your issue Android 2.0 or later, and you can get your copy now of the market Alandroed.

You now this video your browser displays Dolphin HD and multimedia features:

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Do not forget us into the results of your experience, and any other browsers prefer to use more with Alandroed and why?

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