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Because iBad: Nokia sue Apple again

In fact I turned it to the case of silly frequently, frequently we hear of such cases lodged by these companies to each other with accusations regarding patents and Sergadtha, and with the difficulty of proving decisive in such cases turned into a mere noise hit us a headache, and it does not appear real, tangible results already.

Known that this is not the first time that Nokia has a case against Apple, which has Nokia done so already by the last year, when she was charged Apple with infringement of a number of patents with your iphone your Babylon, are Apple with the question related also been accused of Nokia infringement of patents for smart mobile phones that are manufactured.

This time, regard it to your Apple's new (Alai Bad), which begins Launched globally in the eighth and twentieth of this month, which Nokia says that they charge Apple for five patents for your iphone and Alai Bad 3G, and they specialize in patent technical issues promote the talks and transfer data, using GPS technology applications and innovations in the composition of the antenna to improve performance and space-saving, thus permitting the manufacture of equipment, less volume and be compressed further.

This time, Nokia has filed a complaint before a magistrate court in the state of Wisconsin and you are to decide on urgent issues, and also filed a complaint against Apple in the U.S. International Trade Commission, because of encroaching on their own patents.

If you win the Nokia case, it is expected to get an amount up to 1.36 billion U.S. dollars are paid to Apple, but Does this happen already?

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