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All About BlackBerry

❊ About BlackBerry and what are its features

BlackBerry is a phone intended for business It has a software that enables access to a variety of data and services.
They also make the businessman in touch with all the things that connect him to remain without the office: e-mail, telephone, Internet, with staff in the organization.
It also includes advanced versions of this phone some smart solutions, such as operating multimedia, to fit on a compact camera, maps of cities, organizer, and many other applications.

Unique in that it supports BlackBerry e-mail is great as it provides significant protection and privacy of messages and mailbox, and also supports the project, and can be modified to meet the needs of one person or institution irrespective of the sector in which they operate.

Features phones BlackBerry:

Wireless access to email, corporate data, instant messaging and multimedia (SMS & MMS), organizer of information and the Internet, use a phone laptop.
The existence of electronic applications, email Kalaot Luc .. The possibility of using applications Alaovis after loading some additional applications from the main site for the BlackBerry
Contains new categories of BlackBerry on the ability to add external memory to support the internal memory, as well as the possibility of taking pictures with the camera ROM
It also contains a full keyboard for easy typing emails and correspondence fast
To fit on a gps
Accuracy of camera range between 02/01 to 05/03 depending on the model of mobile phone
Communicate via Bluetooth, Allowairles, Link ups

Moktttefat from my readings on the BlackBerry:

BlackBerry appropriate for the person who is connected to the automated Baymelh 24 hours
Some devices Aalblak Perry possible Tsdmk be Mavera Wi-Fi
Issued for each area of your BlackBerry .. Even rashly and bought the issuance of Mo for your necessary protection because loosen accept work on your network
Arabization far incomplete .. Or not free .. On many Magherit Magayt but Arabization one .. And enlighten us more users as possible
The beginning of the year 2009 became a company BlackBerry loosen the protection device (dont know why) and became down in August Det Arab support, starting from the version number (OS .. However, this version is still not good
Elly Series (Gossip Girl) looked like the minds of BlackBerry users, because the site updates Gossip Girl Etjem Powell, the first in the form of emails

Arabization BlackBerry

Localization of such Maglt Choi Moo now exists largely
Most of the existing and necessary to be Bwlos Tstvsron him at the same proxy
Before are buying the device .. The device is available Bkibord Arab and Arab possible reading

In case of connect the device from the computer program do you use BlackBerry Desktop Software

Some models of BlackBerry device in the Gulf:


The Official Website of the device

Of course, the advantage down new updates for the device from time to time
Solving the problems faced by users who

/ /

Types .. BlackBerry available in the GCC markets:

BlackBerry Bold 9000


E-mail to wireless
Internet Browser
2.0 MP camera
BlackBerry ® Maps [not available in Saudi Arabia] and can be replaced with google maps
Media Player
The Global Positioning System built
Supporting Wi - Fi
Login to the company

In addition to 3G

:: Available Bkibord Studio Pro::


BlackBerry Curve 8900


The same advantages Albald

But Keyboards [without characters is Arab]

And is characterized by its small size and lightness for Albald ..

As the camera 3.2 mp

There is also other devices has its advantages .. But we will settle months

Offers Companies ..


SR 99 per month + 250 MB free

They include all Blackberry services available in Saudi Arabia ..

BlackBerry's site for stc

:: Mobily::

SR 99 month + 20 MB free [does not include the web]

BlackBerry's site for Mobily

= - = - = - = - =

Essentials (())

How to operate

Installing the slide .. And then connected to your service provider and requests the service has been activated the Black Berry

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